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chinchilla linksWe try our best to provide the best quality chinchilla information that we possibly can through our years of experience in chinchilla care, and only recommend chinchilla products that we have personally tested and approve of.

However, it’s an ongoing project and since we’re dedicated to quality it can take some time to put it all together.

There are a lot of other chinchilla websites out there that can be found just by a simple Google search, but the reliability and quality of this information is often called into question.

Thus as we come across quality resources of chinchilla information we’ll post them here for easy access.


Chinchilla Links

ChinWorld Chinchilla Directory
Lone Star Chinchilla
Che’ Chinchillas
Chinchilla Advisor

Small Animal Links

Small Critters Vet


If you would like your site to be added to the list, simply add a link for Chinchilla Cages ( to your site.

Then submit your site and the page our link can be found on using the contact form below and if it’s a good chinchilla resource we’ll return the favor!