Chinchilla Flying Saucers

Chinchilla wheels are vital to chinchilla health due to the exercise they give your chinchilla. Since they’re nocturnal animals, they can’t always be freed from their cages to acquire the right amount of exercise outside the cage, which is why your chinchilla definitely will need a wheel. It’s no surprise that there are different kinds of chinchilla wheels, which are important toys for chinchilla exercise for domesticated chinchillas.

The chinchilla saucer is among the popular models today, which may also be called the chinchilla flying saucer. This type of wheel, the chinchilla flying saucer, is probably the Ferrari of chinchilla wheels. These wheels completely remove the vertical dimension out the chinchilla wheels, and instead, add an innovative angled design for running.

Chinchilla flying saucers let chinchillas go at top speeds and a give huge range of motion. It’s extremely safe,quiet, lasts long and doesn’t have any openings or plastic sections, proving to be extremely safe for chinchillas. It can also be attached to the walls in some cages.

Flying Saucer ToyChinchilla Flying Saucer
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The measurement that we recommend for chinchilla flying saucers is approximately one foot in diameter. Normally, pet stores sell these chinchilla flying saucers with holes in them, which can be quite dangerous as shown on the chinchilla wheels page.

There have been many reported cases of how normal wheels sold in pet stores have caused chinchillas’ spines to be deformed because of the limited amount of space on the wheel. Most stores only sell wheels wherein chinchilla’s can’t stretch their body completely.

The chinchilla wasn’t born knowing how to run on a wheel so don’t be alarmed if your pet spins off the toy, and take the precaution to clear the chinchilla cage of any clutter, because it might get hurt. Also, a large amount of space is taken up by this toy, so keep that in mind before you purchase one for cage size matters.

Some chinchilla flying saucers are the Chin Spin Exercise Wheel, Giant Comfort Wheel, 12” Leo Braun Exercise Wheel, the Ed Wheel, and the most popular, Silver Surfer Wheel.

When you buy a chinchilla wheel, check what kind of material they are made of. Some chinchilla flying saucers will be made from plastic, and they won’t last long because of the poor craftsmanship. Therefore, you should consider a metal one, so it doesn’t wear out and remains easy to clean. The times that your chinchilla isn’t actually trying to bite it, it will be wearing it out by constantly using it, so why not get a stable one.

Any of these chinchilla flying saucers are ideal and match up with safety concerns, and
therefore are much better than any replacement you might find lingering around in a pet



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  2. jackie308 · August 5, 2010

    ordered a flying saucer. hopfully it will not make as much noise at the cages wheel we got her now because its loud now. i bet my son will love that it looks like a little ufo lol. we have ufo stickers and spaceships all over his room.