Chinchilla Houses

A chinchilla house is basically a small house where a chinchilla can sleep and hide inside, put inside the cage itself. If purchasing a chinchilla ever crosses your mind, you must realize that it is essential to get a good-quality chinchilla house with it, and you must provide good chinchilla care and the right chinchilla food, which proves to be quite the challenge. Ironically, even though this animal is part of the rodent family, meaning genetically close to rats, they’re considered exotic pets.

Additionally, lots of people living in apartments or even people that aren’t able to own more of a traditional pet find chinchillas the perfect choice. However, it cannot be stressed enough that a chinchilla house is essential.

You can buy or make your own chinchilla house. If you choose to buy one premade, there are many chinchilla houses to choose from. Followed is a list of chinchilla houses that are both safety approved and great looking.

White Pine Chinchilla House

The White Pine Chinchilla house, with an average sized opening on both sides of the house, provides an excellent ventilation system for your pet. Chinchillas are easily frightened by loud noises and therefore this chinchilla house makes your chinchilla feel much safer.

Metal Chinchilla House

The ventilation in this chinchilla house is quite different from the White Pine, as the opening is at the top, instead of the sides. This chinchilla house is recommended primarily for owners who plan on owning many chinchillas at a time. Otherwise, the White Pine Chinchilla House offers more security for your pet.

Igloo Chinchilla House
This popular chinchilla house is one of the latest choices for chinchilla owners because it offers smaller holes on the sides as well the obvious opening on the front side for entrance. This well-built plastic house will offer your chinchilla a private and secure place to be in.

Whichever chinchilla house you end up choosing, you’ll find that they’re quite inexpensive, usually under $20. As long as it’s properly ventilated and it isn’t made of cheap plastic or other low-grade materials that your pet will chew on, it will probably make a good choice.

Another factor you’ll want to consider is the space in the house. According to professionals, a three square foot house is the smallest it should be in order for a full-grown chinchilla to have enough space to move around and sleep in.

The last requirement that it should meet, even though it’s for convenience, is for it to have some sort of tray at the bottom that is easy to remove and clean. However, it would also be good for it not to have bottom, so it would be easily cleaned. Also, always replace the old bedding with new chinchilla bedding after you’re done cleaning.

Take note that the chinchilla houses that we’ve mentioned have all been tested by our chinchillas, so rest assured that your chinchilla won’t be displeased with its new home.