Chinchilla Toys

Any chinchilla that is entertained will usually be happy. So what you want to do is give it a lot of little chinchilla toys and chinchilla accessories, while staying within your budget. Chinchilla toys come in a wide range of shapes purposes and prices and chinchillas also require things to chew on so that their teeth can be kept in top shape. By giving your chinchilla toys, you’re not only ensuring that it will be active, but also healthy. We have tried many chinchilla toys and products, some of which have shown to be their personal favorites.

Chinchilla Chew Toys

Most rodents’ teeth grow continuously during their lives and chinchillas are no exception. To keep their teeth at a healthy size, chinchillas will chew on things such as lava rock and wood. Thus it’s quite important that we supply our pet chinchillas with plenty of things to chew on. Chinchillas absolutely love variety, they are very curious animals. So for this reason you should offer different things for them to chew on, such as different types of, poplar, willing or even aspen tree branches are all examples of safe wood for chinchillas. Try not to give your chinchillas any wood that can be harmful, such as redwood or cedar. For more information on which woods are toxic, check out our chinchilla treats page.

We highly suggest buying chinchilla toys that specifically made for chinchillas and other small animals. You can also give them most rope and other wooden toys that are meant for parrots. Manzanita branches are good and healthy for them to chew on, and are easily available in the bird section of most pet stores. Chinchillas also love chewing on pumice stones and mineral blocks. Below are some of our recommended toys that we have bought over the years and our own chinchillas have given them the official seal of approval!

Chinchilla Granite StoneChewbular Play Tube
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Chinchilla Lava ChewsChinchilla Lava Chews
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Chinchilla Nibbler Chew ToyChinchilla Nibbler Chew Toy
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Chinchilla Ledges

Chinchillas move around a lot and they love climbing. Be creative when designing their cages with different kinds of platforms, ladders, blocks and chinchilla toys. They also enjoy branches in the cage where they can climb as well as chew for extra health benefits. These types of multipurpose chinchilla toys are very efficient for keeping a chinchilla healthy. Make sure everything in the cage is sturdy so they don’t lose balance and injure themselves while climbing. If chinchillas love anything as much as treats or exploring new areas, it’s climbing.

Leap and LedgeChinchilla Leap and Ledge
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Sleep-N-Ledge AttachmentSleep-N-Ledge Attachment
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Lava Swing Perch ChewLava Swing Perch Chew
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Chinchilla Houses

Chinchillas tend to have times when they want to just hide. Usually, you can use commercial rodent houses, usually made for guinea pigs, or clay and PVC pipes for tunnel-like hiding places. Cardboard boards can be used also but they will need to be frequently replaced because they will be chewed up.

Chinchilla Granite StoneChinchilla Bath House
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Giant Igloo HideoutChinchilla Giant Igloo Hideout
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Chinchilla Nibbler Chew ToySuper Pet Large House
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Chinchilla Wheels

Other popular chinchilla toys are exercise wheels. If you decide to get them, you should always get large ones, approximately 15 inches in diameter with a sturdy and solid surface. A good example of one is the Leo Braun Exercise Wheel. Chinchilla flying saucers are also good options.

Chinchilla Balls

Chinchilla balls are large closed balls that chinchillas are trapped inside while running about the cage. Chinchillas can and have overheated in these toys due to the low air ventilation, which can can easily lead to death in hot and humid environments. Due to this, we cannot suggest these products and highly discourage their use. If you do decide to choose this toy, avoid them in warmer weather and never leave your chinchilla unsupervised or in them for long periods of time.

Chinchilla Hammock

Lots of people know that ferrets thoroughly enjoy hammocks, but most don’t know that chinchillas love them as well! We went to a site that offered hammocks specifically made for chinchillas, so we went ahead and bought one. After receiving it from their online store we put it up in the chinchilla’s cage. There was quite a lot evidence that the chinchillas were often lingering in the hammock and more than enjoying themselves (if you have a chinchilla yourself, you’ll understand the meaning of “evidence”).

Chinchilla Exercise

What chinchillas probably love the most is just exploring the little world around their cage. This gives enables much appreciated freedom and allows them to exercise a bit outside of their cage. However, it’s important that you know how to properly handle your chinchilla once out of the cages. As once it’s time for them to return to their cage, the last thing you will want to do is stress them out by chasing the poor thing around attempting to catch it.

Even though being out of the cage may be what they love the most, it is potentially also the riskiest. They, as aforementioned, love biting, so curiosity might lead to them biting something inedible. So not only do you have to supervise the room, but also make sure it’s safe for chinchillas as well. To read more on how to do this, read our guide on chinchilla exercise for your home. Chinchilla health is also critical, and dust baths are by far the best tools for keeping your chinchilla healthy and clean. Read more about them and the process on our chinchilla dust bath page.



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