Chinchilla Wheels

To remain healthy and happy, chinchillas should exercise quite often. Every other day or so, let the chinchilla our from its cage so it can run around freely, of course, while supervising if you don’t have an chinchilla safe room. However, that being said, we all know that a chinchilla will remain primarily in its cage, so you should always provide chinchilla toys as well as chinchilla accessories for your chinchilla so they can stay amused and fit.

A really important chinchilla cage accessory that must be bought is a chinchilla exercise wheel, otherwise called chinchilla wheels. Chinchilla wheels are important so that a chinchilla can remain active and stay in the cage as well. Chinchillas, when running on chinchilla wheels, will remain inside the wheel while the wheel turns on its central point, so that the wheel doesn’t move forward or backward, just rotating on its axis.

Now, I refer to these as “chinchilla wheels” primarily because any wheels designed for hamsters and other small pets are just not large enough for chinchillas. A chinchilla wheel has to be a minimum of 14 inches in diameter, but the bigger the better. The reason why small chinchilla wheels are unsafe is because they will cause the chinchilla’s spine to deform inward while they run. Not only will this make them very uncomfortable, but it may also cause further medical problems.

We also recommend chinchilla wheels that are made of metal, and not plastic. If you choose a plastic chinchilla wheel, your pet will probably chew on it. For safety purposes, also make sure that the chinchilla wheel doesn’t contain any mesh holes. This will prevent their feet from entering through and causing injuries.

Don’t worry if your chinchilla doesn’t get accustomed to the wheel straight away, as it is fairly new to them. It may take a while, especially for older chinchillas that have already gotten used to an older chinchilla wheel or have never used one before. Sometimes it may even take months for them to get accustomed to their new chinchilla wheels, but when they do, they’ll love them. Wheels for chinchillas are like sneaking veggies into children’s favorite dishes, as they’re both pleasing as well as provide many healthy benefits.

However, chinchilla wheels can be quite expensive. It took us quite awhile to find chinchilla wheels that not only were the right price, but perfectly met our safety concerns. All the chinchilla wheels below have been tested and approved by our own chinchillas.

Available on the market is another chinchilla wheel that your pet will simply adore, called the chinchilla flying saucer. A lot of space is required for it in their cage, so getting a large chinchilla cage is quite helpful help. It will also provide more freedom for your chinchilla, so all the better. Most chinchilla owners will agree that they couldn’t have made a better decision for their pets, even if the first few months were spent for the chinchilla to get used to the wheel. Another benefit of this type of wheel for chinchillas is that there is no medical repercussion for them due to their open design, not restricting their spine while they exercise and have fun.

When buying chinchilla wheels, you will really get your money’s worth, and fortunately any of these chinchilla wheels are built properly and ensure maximum safety for your chinchilla, which is much better than those tiny wheels at the pet store.