Velvet Black Chinchillas

When it comes to chinchilla colors, the black chinchilla is one of the most popular type of chinchilla for all passionate chinchilla owners. Also known as black velvet chinchillas, their name should suffice to decipher their general appearance. Black chinchillas are a standard grey with a darker mutation, jet-black ears, and black fur across their back. Their belly should should be of a lighter hue, and they have deep dark eyes. When breeding black chinchillas, whenever the black velvet genes are inherited it becomes prominent with dark strands of fur.

To briefly explain the origin of black chinchillas, they were discovered by Spanish explorers that arrived in South America in the 1500’s. The explorers saw large amounts of profits in these chinchilla furs, so they began trapping and killing the black chinchillas and brought them to Madrid, where the dead bodies could be transformed into coats.

Black chinchillas even came near the brink of extinction because of the numbers that were killed for their fur. The main reason why they were almost extinct was that for one measly coat, it took about one hundred chinchillas. With numbers like that, it wasn’t hard to find out that tragedy was about to strike for black chinchillas.

Some people even tried to domesticate these wild chinchillas, but most failed miserably. They were unaware of the minuscule factors that enabled the survival of these mountain-lovers, and so, when the animals were removed from their habitat, disaster struck and most resulted in death.

However, one American adventurer stood out from the rest. Mathias Chapman, who was a mining engineer, brought back a few of these chinchillas from their mountainous habitat to California, where he founded the very first chinchilla farm. After the almost global ban on trapping these poor creatures, combined with the boom in population from the chinchilla farm, black chinchillas thrived once again, seeing a huge rise in population.

People that own black chinchillas find them very rewarding to own and love primarily because, out of every chinchilla species in existence, black chinchillas have the most appealing appearance. If you own, or want to own black chinchillas as pets, you must remember that you use proper chinchilla bedding in, obviously a spacious chinchilla cage.

Chinchilla pellets as well as a variety of hays are hands down the best diet that you can offer your black chinchillas. The chinchilla pellets need to provide at least 25% of its daily requirement of protein, alfalfa and hay, as well as Vitamins A, E and D.

Before adopting a black chinchilla be sure to check out the breeder, as well as how to take care of them at home, and as much other information at possible. Check out our other articles on chinchilla care and our reviews of the best products to buy for your pets.