Chinchilla Day Commerical (Chinchili Day Video)

Chinchilla Day (also known as Chinchili Day) has quickly become my favorite fake holiday, since Festivus (featured on Seinfeld) has more or less become a somewhat legitimate holiday through increased practice. In the commercial, Chinchilla Day was created by a man as an excuse to stay an extra day in Las Vegas, for which his excuse succeeded, and we can only assume much fun was had. The chinchillas rebelled against a local town and for three days they battled, on the third and final day the outlaw chinchillas were defeated. Every year the incident is celebrated by spending three days in Vegas – fun times.



  1. Jessica · May 21, 2010

    I’ve been searching all over for this video, thanks so much! The little chinchillas are just so cute! Doesn’t really make me want to go to Vegas though…

  2. footballfan45 · May 21, 2010

    thx i remember this video from awhile back. just remembered it and wanted to show it to my mate. they shuld make more like this they are funny!